Easter Wallpaper Gallery

A Joyous Easter (Victorian) (Holidays / 95.5 Kb) - You just have to see this one! You\ll love it!
An Easter Token (Holidays / 5505 Kb) - Victorian Easter card with a matching background.
Easter Bunny Chicks (Holidays / 43 Kb) - Question: What was first, The Chicken or the Egg? Answer: Neither, The Easter Bunny was First. EnjoyQQ
A Country Easter (Holidays / 45.4 Kb) - Stripe background with a framed pic of a cute country bunny. Graphic from Hobo\s Country Graphics at: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/lane/4956
Easter 2001 (Miscellaneous / 345 Kb) - Happy Easter 2001 ~ this wallpaper belongs to my theme/3logos,Hotbar and screensaver.
Easter Joys Be Yours (Victorian) (Holidays / 62 Kb) - Emerald green background with beautiful Victorian Easter cards in the center.
Easter Delight (Holidays / 95 Kb) - Very cute picture of a boy bunny with his flowers and Easter basket. Created by JEANIE
Tiggers Easter Egg (Holidays / 69 Kb) - Tigger just got his great big Easter Egg from a friend. From my screen saver Easter Joy. Created by JEANIE
Mega Bites For Easter (Holidays / 78 Kb) - Very cute picture of a computer all dress up for Easter. From my screen saver Easter Joy. Created by JEANIE
Poohs Easter Basket (Holidays / 89 Kb) - Winnie The Pooh just got his Easter basket and it is filled with lots of goodies. From my screen saver Easter Joy. Created by JEANIE
Easter Tweety (Holidays / 54 Kb) - Tweety is sitting on top of his very large and decorated Easter Egg.
Easter Blessings (Holidays / 43 Kb) - Very nice Easter Blessing which saids May your basket be filled with joy and blessings. From my screen saver Easter Greetings. Created by JEANIE
Easter Hugs (Holidays / 62 Kb) - THis little guy has hugs and kisses for you on this Easter. Created by JEANIE
Easter Active Wallpaper (Holidays / 109 Kb) - Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies waving, smiling and moving around. Active Wallpaper FAQ can be found on my website www.gillsthemes.com
Winnie The Pooh Easter (Holidays / 63 Kb) - Great picture of Winnie The Pooh and a small little duck. Created by JEANIE
HappyEaster b (Miscellaneous / 321 Kb) - Happy Easter with Pooh:O)This wallpaper belongs to a theme/3logos,screensaver & Hotbar.
A Chick-A-Dee Easter (Holidays / 84 Kb) - Very cute picture of a momma and all her little chicks, done on a texture backround by martinsally. From my screen saver A Hoppy Easter. Created by JEANIE
Happy Easter1 (Holidays / 176 Kb) - Just in time for Easter this little bunny captured in a glass globe with Easter Egg Base
Eastern Tailed Blue (Nature / 92 Kb) - A butterfly in soft pastel colors.
Easter Eggs (Holidays / 194 Kb) - 1024x768- Fill your screen with painted Easter eggs.
Eastern Promise (3D / 409 Kb) - Fractal Art image with an eastern feel
Happy Easter (Miscellaneous / 523 Kb) - This Wallpaper goes along with screensaver and logoes hope you like it. Enjoyable for all ages