Easter Desktop Themes

Easter Flowers (Holidays / 1559 Kb) - This is an Easter arrangement in an eggshell vase just in time for Easter. Logo screens included.
A Global Easter (Holidays / 2.14 Kb) - This theme features the art of Greg Olsen. Simlpy beautiful, it includes all icons and cursors, sounds, logos and webs, and matching screensaver. Two theme sizes, and easy install.
Easter Surprise (Miscellaneous / 1,04 Kb) - Easter Surprise,a lovely theme with Anne Geddes motive.Ani cursor and a song is encluded.Matching saver see EZSkins sav.sect.
Hoppy Easter (Miscellaneous / 1,19 Kb) - Well,that lovely Pooh Easter Bunny is whishing everybody a 'Hoppy Easter' :O)Encluded cute chicken ani cursor and music.Matching saver see EZSkins saver sect.
Childhood Easter (Miscellaneous / 1,9 Kb) - Childhood Easter,memories of past times.Encludes ani cursor and music.Matching saver see EZSkins saver sect.
A Disney Easter (Holidays / 2.31 Kb) - Goofy as the Easter Bunny?...Mickey as the egg-catcher! Great paper from www.disneydesigns.com complimented with icons, cursors, logos, webs, great disney sound, and matching screensaver. 2 theme sizes.
Easter Chicks (Holidays / 1128 Kb) - Little chicks are ready to celebrate Easter. Icons, cursors and anis included, as well as logo screens.
Easter Sweeties (Holidays / 813 Kb) - A sweet baby and chick highlight this colorful Easter theme. Easter icons, anis and cursors and logo screens are also included.
Easter Bunny (Holidays / 3.17 Kb) - Easter is here: Heres our wonderful bunny filled spring sounding, logo loaded , screen saver hopping...cursor cunning Easter theme. By Amy and Cindy...Find it one the bunny trail..
Happy Easter (Miscellaneous / 1,18 Kb) - Just a lovely Easter Theme with Easter song and Easter ani cursor.
Easter Parade (Holidays / 1.02 Kb) - Freshly picked spring flowers wait in a basket for arrangement. The complete song by Judy/Fred is included in the zip file. Original icons, cursors, startup, shutdown screens with easy install. Matching screen saver, ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar skins available.
Easter Quackers (Holidays / 1.38 Kb) - Darling baby ducks appear to be dancing on you screen. Wallpaper in two sizes, original icons and animated cursors, and easy install logo screens and font. Spring music by Strauss.
Easter Bunny (Holidays / 682 Kb) - A cute Bunny in a basket with yellow tulips and bows all around. Includes webviews and a screensaver.
Hoppy Easter (Holidays / 965 Kb) - A cute bunny brings Easter wishes to your desktop.Icons,cursors,and original start,wait and shutdown screens are included. Sounds are from The Bunny Hop.
Easter on Sesame Street (Holidays / 1.71 Kb) - Join Big Bird and Elmo, and the rest of the crew, as they celebrate the season. All elements are there, including animated logo, webs, and animated screensaver.
Easter Blessings (Miscellaneous / 1,15 Kb) - Easter Blessings to all of You :O)Angels waves and orig.cursor encl.Enjoy
Easter Sunday (Holidays / 1084 Kb) - A traditional Easter in pretty colors. Soft music. Original icons and cursors. Logo screens. Easy install.
An Easter Reminder (Holidays / 1.47 Kb) - Whats your Easter about? This adorable guy brings a freindly reminder. Theme pack has all elements, including animated logos, webs, and screensaver.
Anne Geddes Easter Babies (Holidays / 2.16 Kb) - The Easter Bunny has helpers this year- and they are too cute!! This theme pack has all elements, including 2 sizes, animated logos, webviews, and screensaver. Matching hotbar available.
Easter Bonnet (Holidays / 1111 Kb) - A pretty graphic for Easter. Wav files of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire singing the classic song from 'Easter Parade.' Two wallpaper sizes. Logo screens. Easy install.
Easter Cutie (Holidays / 1.46 Kb) - This little one may not be Peter Cottontail- but hes dressed for the part! This adorable theme pack complete w/ 2 theme sizes, all elements, animated logos, webs, and matching screensaver. Too cute!!
Easter Majesty (Holidays / 2.55 Kb) - Looking for an Easter theme with bite? Here it is: this theme pack includes 2 sizes, all elements, logos, webs, great sound, and matching screensaver. Hold on tight!
Happy Easter Bear (Miscellaneous / 281 Kb) - Teddy Bear wish for a Happy Easter.
A Kinkade Easter (Holidays / 1.97 Kb) - Thomas Kinkade shines in this holiday piece. Theme pack complete with animated logos, webviews, all theme elements, and 2 theme sizes. Matching screensaver and hotbar available.
Easter with Pooh (Holidays / 2.03 Kb) - Celebrate the season with Pooh and the gang. This theme pack includes 2 theme sizes, all theme elements, animated logos, webviews, and matching screensaver.
Precious Moments Easter (Holidays / 2.22 Kb) - Easter is coming, so get ready with these adorable pm kids! Theme pack complete w/ 2 theme sizes, logos, webs, and matching screensaver w/ music.
Easter Greetings (Holidays / 379 Kb) - Chick, eggs and kitties, a real easter greeting
Happy Easter (Holidays / 2.39 Kb) - This theme is cute good for your kids its Easter fun Happy Easter
Easter Bunnies (Nature / 380 Kb) - Wallpaper is based on a victorian Easter card with bunnies.
Easter Greetings (Holidays / 806 Kb) - A cute country bunny to welcome Easter!
Eastern Bridge (Places / 836 Kb) - Desktop theme of a rustic bridge on the Eastern coast.
Easter Bunny Theme (Holidays / 1045 Kb) - "This theme has 6 pictures to choose from. There are sound waves(MPEG3 format), pointers, cursors, and icons..This theme will work with Win 95 with Plus!, Windows NT 4.0 with Resource Kit, Win 98 & other theme install programs."
Windows 98 Easter Egg (Computers / 1365 Kb) - This theme was created from images and sounds on the Windows 98 CD. The wallpaper is from the easter egg in Windows 98. The cursors and icons are from various places. Enjoy the theme!
Eastern Grand Canyon (Places / 1.35 Kb) - Theme of the Grand Canyon of the East in NY, which is the next stop on the Tour America Series at Cooters Country
IE Windows 98 Easter Egg Wallpaper (Miscellaneous / 37 Kb) - Internet Explorer Wallpaper made from the background of the Windows 98 Easter Egg and the IE4 globe. Enjoy!
Easter Pet (Holidays / 871 Kb) - The Easter Pet theme has 4 pictures to choose from plus a special jpg to replace with your own photo in this theme. The directions are in the theme folder named special.html. There are sound waves(MPEG3 format), pointers, cursors, and icons.
Eastern Autumn (Nature / 1.12 Kb) - Welcome to autumn in Cooter\s Country. Come and bask in the fall colors around the world. Don\t forget to put on your sweater.
Blue Polish Easter (Holidays / 1848 Kb) - Enjoy a blue decorated Polish Easter egg on your desktop. Includes screensaver, all webviews, and startup/shutdown screens. Win98/95 cross compatible. Easy install.
Easter Dreamsicles (Holidays / 1.51 Kb) - This theme features Easter Dreamsicles figurines and has a cute Easter screensaver and adorable startup/shutdown logos.
Easter Dreamsicles REVISED (Holidays / 1.32 Kb) - This is a revised version of my Easter Dreamsicles. I put the wrong background on the previous version. I apologize for any inconvienance.
Easter Church (Art / 1601 Kb) - This theme includes a Kinkade image called Hometown Chapel. I thought it would be a nice theme to use for Easter, a change from the usual bunny stuff, to remember the true meaning of Easter. Matching saver and hotbar.
Happy Happy Easter (Holidays / 765 Kb) - A great Easter theme for kids of all ages,from 9 to 90!
A Chickie Easter (Holidays / 1368 Kb) - This theme is for kids and grownups alike. I included the whole version of Easter Egg Hunt (for which I used for the sounds), so that we adults could REMEMBER the good times!
Easter Angel (Holidays / 996 Kb) - This darling artwork by Ruth Morehead is an angel ready for Easter with her chicks gathered in her apron.
In Your Easter Bonnet (Holidays / 702 Kb) - ...with all the frills upon it...this darling wallpaper is provided by Sally Martin, original icons, anis and cursors along with the crooning songs of Bing Crosby.
Basket of Easter Joy (Holidays / 1849 Kb) - Baskets filled with Easter joy! Lots of bunnies, even heavenly ones. Original wallpaper, icons, logos, screensaver and cute animated bunny cursors.
Happy Easter Doc (Holidays / 482 Kb) - Here\s Bugs,Daffy and Tweety all ready for Easter.It has 5 icons,14 cursors and 15 sounds.
Shimmery Easter (Holidays / 875 Kb) - A beautiful stained glass Easter theme using wallpaper from Original Ronni Designs. Original icons, anis and cursors. A beautiful Easter desktop.
Easter Babes (Holidays / 2.67 Kb) - These cuties are definately ready for Easter! And, your desktop will be, too- with all icons, cursors, logos, webs, sound and screensaver. Happy Easter!
Easter Bonnet (Holidays / 1.10 Kb) - No chicks, bunnies or eggs in this theme Just a pretty young lady in her Easter Bonnet. I have included in this file a jigsaw puzzle of the wallpaper, for you to put togeather. Sounds from In Your Easter Bonnet, includes Logo screens, hotbar available
A Precious Easter (Holidays / 1.75 Kb) - This adorable Precious Moments friend is here to wish you a Hoppy Easter! Theme includes all icons, cursors, logos. webs, and sound. For matching saver- and more pm desktop fun- visit www.preciousmomentscommunity.com
Easter 2001 (Miscellaneous / 1.76 Kb) - Happy Easter 2001 ~ this theme cont. all ani cursors,a compl.song & logos.Also has a great screensaver and Hotbar.
Easter 2001c (Miscellaneous / 198 Kb) - Happy Easter 2001 ~ this logos are part of my theme,screensaver and Hotbar.
Easter Blessing (Holidays / 975 Kb) - A great Easter theme to remind us what Easter is all about.5,icons,14 cursors,15 sounds
Easter Goodies (Holidays / 610 Kb) - Brightly wrapped easter candy in three sizes; 1024, 800 and 640.
Thanks Easter Bunny (Holidays / 2.64 Kb) - This boy just wants to thank the Easter Bunny for the surpises he left.
Happy Easter (Holidays / 1646 Kb) - A cheeful Easter theme. Sounds from Peter Cottontail. Three sizes, logos, Hotbar, screen saver. Wallpaper by Lori`s Background Boutique. Easy install.
Pastel Easter Eggs (Holidays / 1399 Kb) - A nice Easter theme with great wallpaper including pastel eggs. Custom icons and cursors. Music by Irving Berlin, Easter Parade
Happy Easter Bunny (updated) (Holidays / 1891 Kb) - A cute desktop theme that will bright up your Easter season! Enjoy.
Easter Giraffes (Holidays / 2455 Kb) - Giraffes are very puzzled by Easter eggs and rabbits. Crazy screensaver available separately.
Celtic Easter Bunny (Miscellaneous / 664 Kb) - A cute Easter Bunny wearing a Balmoral Cap with forest sounds, icons and start and shutdown screens.
Easter Purrade (Holidays / 1818 Kb) - An adorable Easter kitten in lovely colors. No bunny needed with this basket. Three sizes, logos, screen saver. Easy install.
HappyEaster a (Miscellaneous / 1.39 Kb) - Happy Easter with Pooh:O)Cont. a compl.song *Here comes Peter Cottontail/vocals* and 3 logos.Also has a screensaver & Hotbar.
HappyEaster c (Miscellaneous / 465 Kb) - Happy Easter with Pooh:O)This logos are part of a theme.Also has a screensaver & Hotbar.
Easter Bunnies (Holidays / 1.81 Kb) -
Easter (Holidays / 1.08 Kb) - Use this colorful theme on Easter day...
Easter Magic (Holidays / 807 Kb) - Cute bunny brings you Easter wishes in a screen full of flowers.
Easter Logos (Holidays / 199 Kb) - Here are Easter Logos to go along with the Easter Screensaver Wallpaper to come very soon
Pastel Easter (Holidays / 935 Kb) - This colorful wallpaper is my own original creation, inspired by the beautiful pastels of Easter. The sounds are of the Pizzicato Polka. Original logo files, cursors and icons are included (also 5 icons made just for XP).