Winter Screensavers

Winter Wonderland (Holidays / 1780 Kb) - More than 25 lovely full screen scenes for the holiday season and beyond. Cheerful music and optional transition effects. Win95,98,NT.

Winter Scenes Screen Saver (Nature / 1624 Kb) - Multiple, framed photos of beautiful Winter Scenes, which move around your screen at random, with different visual effects, all on a beautiful background, music included!
Winter Delight (Nature / 631 Kb) - Beautiful winter scene complete with flowing stream and falling snow.
Scenes of Winter (Miscellaneous / 1935 Kb) - Enjoy six, (6) ,Winter Scenes, with the water ippling and the snow falling! This Screen Saver also includes music with each scene.
Winter Impressions02 (Miscellaneous / 2,1 Kb) - Winter Impressions animated saver shows a still winterworld in light blue.Contains a "When it`s cold outside"(vocals),also has three logos and a theme.
Winterwonderland02 (Miscellaneous / 1.5 Kb) - Winterwonderland screensaver contains a WHITER THAN THE SNOW, also has nice animations. Plus a matching theme and 3 logos.
ts_Winter Wonderland (Holidays / 708 Kb) - Just as the title says it is a winter wonderland, by artist Eric Holbrook. Includes the full song Winter wonderland, in this animated screensaver
WONDERS OF WINTER (Nature / 1010 Kb) - Snow and ice covered landscapes. Some old paintings make up this screen saver. Music Let It Snow. Hope you enjoy it JEANIE
WINTERS WONDERS (Nature / 1011 Kb) - Snow covered trees and mountains. People riding an a horse and buggy. Music Winter wonder land. Hope you enjoy JEANIE
A KINKADE WINTER (Nature / 1454 Kb) - 12 beautiful paintings of winter by Thomas Kinkade Music Winter Peace. Hope you enjoy my screen saver Jeanie
Images Of Winter (Holidays / 1860 Kb) - This shareware screensaver is just what you have been looking for. Signs of winter snow and the coming Christmas holiday. That is why for the month of December we have reduced the price to just $7.00! Download and Register your copy today!
OH THE JOY OF WINTER (Holidays / 1703 Kb) - Cute screen saver of cartoon people and animals. Enjoying the winter?? Music Frosty the Snowman. Hope you enjoy it. JEANIE
TWEETYS WINTERLAND (Holidays / 1334 Kb) - Tweety and Sylvester having fun in the snow with friends and at home getting ready for Santa. Thanks to Clair from Malta for the pictures. Music It\s begining to Look Alot like Christmas. Hope you enjoy JEANIE
Winter Wonderland (Nature / 686 Kb) - A snowman couple marvel at natures wonder as they stroll. Easy install. Plays the complete song by Darlene Love while snow falls. The matching animated saver w/ a surprisingly small file size to my desktop theme, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.
KINKADE WINTER LIGHT (Nature / 1279 Kb) - Beautiful Winter paintings by Thomas Kindade. From a small village town to the snow cover mountains. Music White Christmas. Hope you enjoy my screen saver JEANIE
winter peace (Nature / 6.26 Kb) - newest wild themes screensaver, winter peace
winter dreams (Nature / 7.06 Kb) - screensaver to go with previous wild desktop themes
BRRR ITS WINTER (Nature / 1811 Kb) - Beautiful pictures of snow covered trees lakes mountains. Music Let It Snow. Hope you enjoy this screen saver KEEP warm JEANIE
THE JOYS OF WINTER (Nature / 1599 Kb) - Cute cartoon screen saver of people enjoying the winter time. Music Winter Wonderland. Merry Christmas from JEANIE
A Hazy Shade Of Winter (Nature / 639 Kb) - A pair of cardinals roost in a snow and icicle covered pine. Easy install. Plays the complete song by Simon & Garfunkel while snow falls. The matching animated saver with a small file size to my desktop theme, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.
WINTER DREAM (Nature / 1330 Kb) - Paintings by Terry Redlin of homes in the winter time surround by nice wintery landscapes. Music Winter Dream. Created by JEANIE
AN OZARK WINTER (Nature / 1531 Kb) - Winter in the Ozarks with snow covered trees and landscapes. Music Winter in the Woods. Created by JEANIE
Snows of Winter Screen Saver (Nature / 3400 Kb) - Twenty-four images of the woods in a snowstorm, the muted colors and soft focus are almost black and white, with animated snow falling softly over the forest, to the music of The Wind Beneath My Wings. Discrete sound may be muted.
Silence of Winter (Nature / 1802 Kb) - Beautiful images of winter and snow covered mountains refresh your desktop with a silent arctic chill. 32 Images included.
WB Winter Castle (screen saver v1.3) (Fantasy / 13700 Kb) - A snow is falling... A Rose\s planet is flying above the castle. Somebody is wandering through the dark rooms... Is there any connection between him and the rose? Platforms: Windows 98/2000/ME
Winter Holidays (Holidays / 1714 Kb) - A slideshow screensaver with 16 different snow scenes that may all be set as wallpaper. Midi is White Christmas.
Hogwarts in the Winter (Fantasy / 1970 Kb) - This screensaver is what The Wizard imagines it would be like at Hogwarts School (where Harry Potter goes) in the dead of winter. Flying Dragons,Restless Spirits and Magic.
Mackinaw Island In The Winter Screen Saver (Places / 444598 Kb) - Based off the theme of the same name. Beautiful Mackinaw Island with its mode of transportation in the winter. No Cars are allowed on this island.
Shades of Winter (Miscellaneous / 801 Kb) - Lightly animated saver has the song Winter World Of Love as the background music
Winter at Grandpas Farm (Miscellaneous / 732 Kb) - the song Let It Snow is the background music for this lightly animated saver. easy install
A Long Cold Winter (Nature / 2330 Kb) - Slideshow of some beautiful Winter scenery. Created to compliment my desktop theme -A Clear Winters Day-
Winter Buddie (Miscellaneous / 747 Kb) - Saver has hearts floating, the background music has clips from "Wrapped Up In You". A Perfect Winter Buddie. Wallpaper and Hotbar Skin available separately.
Winter Olympics (Sports / 384 Kb) - Bouncing Olympic rings with a different winter sport inside of each. Snow covered title wording of Winter Olympics included along with the theme song. Desktop theme available separately.
Winter Hunt (Miscellaneous / 461 Kb) - Indian on his white horse in winter with his white wolf with the midi "Song Of The Wolf" playing in background. Matching saver to my theme "Indian Winter Hunt"
A Winter Nights Dream 2 (Holidays / 808 Kb) - The house reminds me of an old home that I once knew as a child. Where I had wonderful dreams and good times. Saver has Snow and Christmas Music.
Winter in Grey (Animals / 791 Kb) - Animated screensaver application
Winter Snow (Nature / 937 Kb) - Applet screensaver featuring realistic snow
Winter Train Ride (Nature / 430 Kb) - Screen saver was a request. Train smoke, steam and a running river done with Water Illusions. Its also snowing with a train sound.
Winter Polar Bears (Products / 472 Kb) - My daughter wanted this it turned out cute. 2 cute polar bears with coke bottles floating around
Beauty Of Winter (Nature / 537 Kb) - A beauiful snowy winter scene. Saver has snow, water, and sound.
Winter Wolves (Animals / 775 Kb) - Simple Prayer for the Holiday Seasons. Snow Falling with Winter Scene. Created with Active Media Eclipse v4.1
Winter Dreams Screensaver (Nature / 559 Kb) - Animated snowy winter landscapes and holiday scenes drawn by your computer.
winter cabin wonderland (Holidays / 862 Kb) - a cabin in the woods, snow, deer, a true winter wonderland.
winter wonderland ss (Holidays / 760 Kb) - matching screensaver to theme of the same name
Winters Eden (Nature / 1331 Kb) - Winters Eden is a soundless screensaver with the wallpaper from the Winters Eden theme with snow falling down. Self Installing. Compatable with Windows XP.
Winter Wonderland (Holidays / 600 Kb) - Walking In A Winter Wonderland this Wonderland is complete with 3D animated characters and of course Parson Brown our favorite 3D snowman. Falling 3D snowflakes come down over this cute scene. song goes with theme.
A Winter Memory (Holidays / 2265 Kb) - An animated snow and lake applet screensave. A beautiful winter scene is reflecting in the moving water as you watch the snow falling on the screen. A little bunny appears occasionally. The background music is Let It Snow by Kenny G.
WinterAt My Mountain Home (3D / 5596 Kb) - Matching Saver has complete song A Winters Night, Snow falling, Female Cardinal Flying, Close up of Cabin opens saver (go to my site to see complete preview.)
Yosemite Winter (Holidays / 3897 Kb) - A lovely winter scene in the awesome mountains of Yosemite. While both happy children and adults alike go skiing, sledding and making snowmen, a lovely snowfall has begun again. Upbeat instrumental version of Silver Bells plays continually in the background. This screensaver accompanies my desktop theme called Winter in Yosemite.
Winter Wonderland (Holidays / 554 Kb) - Its Snowing on the Bridge to Grandmas House. Song Winter Wonderland Plays in the Background. Watch the Water Under the Bridge. Freeware.800x600.
Winter In The Tetons (Nature / 604 Kb) - Listen to the Wind Howl while a Snow Storm Blankets the Grand Tetons. Sound can be shut off. Freeware.800x600.
Crisp Winters Morn (Miscellaneous / 634 Kb) - The sun rises behind the mountains as red cardinals make their first flight of the day through gentle snow flurries. Optional music.
Wooded Winterland (Holidays / 1922 Kb) - Watch as snow gently falls to the music of Winter Wonderland by Kenny G. Matching theme and other goodies available separately.
Winter Wonderland2 (Holidays / 697 Kb) - Snow falls on your desktop and an angel flys overhead to bless the animals gathered round the Christmas tree. Two midis play.
Winter Wonderland 1024 (Holidays / 692 Kb) - A request. Full screen size for the 1024 screen size users. Its Snowing and Watch the Water under the Bridge. Christmas tune Winter Wonderland.
Winter is in the air (Nature / 1524 Kb) - Animated screensaver. A cardinal is flying and snow is falling. Music The four seasons winter by Vivaldi
Mountain Winter (Nature / 900 Kb) - Great Animated Screensaver with mountains in the background and the gentle rushing of water from a lake and with falling snow. Visit for all your desktop needs.
Yosemite Winter (Places / 1025 Kb) - Wonderful Animated Screensaver with a picture from Yosemite National Park featuring a running stream, snow falling, and the song Winter Wonderland playing in the background. Visit for all your desktop needs.
Winters Wonderland (Holidays / 2966 Kb) - Animated screensaver with realistic falling snow and optional background music is Winter wonderland
In The Winter Time (Nature / 17589 Kb) - A 3d screensaver made with Active Media storm. Beautiful winter scenes changing with 3d effects. Winter songs by famous artists and SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!
A Wolf in Winter (Nature / 1105 Kb) - A stream high in the mountains flows among the pine trees. The snow falls on the screen as you watch a lone wolf moving between the trees along the shore of the moving stream. An eagle and a flock of geese challenge the falling snow while other birds find shelter in the trees. Shareware.
Winter Mountains Screensaver (Nature / 562 Kb) - Screensaver to match my Winter Mountains theme. For stand-alone download or for XP users who cannot read the screensaver file in the theme download.
Winter Wonderland (Nature / 736 Kb) - this is a wonderful winter pic of snow on trees it has fallen snow great screensaver
Crisp Winter Day Screensaver (Nature / 2421 Kb) - Screensaver is a slideshow of beautiful winter snow scenes. It matches my Crisp Winter Day theme and startupshutdown files available at Custom MP3 sound. 9598XP compatible.
Winter Beauty.exe (Art / 1713 Kb) - Beautiful Art by Anthony Casey to match my Theme of the same name, nice transition effects
Winter Wonderlands Screensaver 2.0 (Nature / 4663 Kb) - See the wonders of Winter while staying warm. Accessorize your desktop with 30 winter high resolution landscapes. Winter Wonderlands Screen Saver contains many opions and effects along with a soothing high quality sound track.
In The Wintertime 2 (Nature / 17563 Kb) - A 3d screensaver made with Active Media storm. Beautiful winter scenes changing with 3d effects. Winter songs by famous artists and no SNOW, SNOW, SNOW The snow has been deleted in this screensaver but it is the same as In The Wintertime.
Winter in DC (Places / 787 Kb) - This Animated Screen Saver includes two different animations of the Nations Capitol, both containing moving water, light snow falling, and patriotic background music, which can be turned ONOFF.
lighthouse winter (Miscellaneous / 555 Kb) - a snowy, cold winters day at the light house.
winter in the forest (Miscellaneous / 823 Kb) - after the snowstorm, life returns to the forest.
Winter Wind (Nature / 879 Kb) - A howling wind and blowing snow on top of a mountain make this a wonderful screensaver to have while sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold Winter day. Picture is an original design by GrYbRds Desktops. Free Download..
Animated Art Winter Scene 1 (Nature / 1224 Kb) - Beautiful Winter Scene Art now in an animated screen saver. Full screen 800X600 animated winter scene with slowly falling snow flakes in a quiet setting. First of four different Art canvas paintings to choose from each with sound. (enabledisable)Free for Windows 95-XP.
Animated Art Winter Scene 2 (Nature / 1044 Kb) - Beautiful Winter Scene Art now in an animated screen saver. Full screen 800X600 animated winter scene with slowly falling snow flakes in a quiet setting. Second of four different Art canvas paintings to choose from each with sound. (enabledisable)Free for Windows 95-XP.
Winter Wildlife (Animals / 916 Kb) - Winter Wildlife Screen Saver includes three different snowy animations of deer and wolves in the snow. Also included are two different music selections that can be turned ONOFF and a slide show of ever-changing small pictures of wildlife. A really nice screen saver for animal lovers and people who like Winter. FREE TO DOWNLOAD and try.
Animated Art Winter Scene 3 (Nature / 1691 Kb) - Beautiful Winter Scene Art now in an animated screen saver. Full screen 800X600 animated winter scene with slowly falling snow flakes in a quiet setting. Third of four different Art canvas paintings to choose from each with sound. (enabledisable)Free for Windows 95-XP.
Animated Art Winter Scene 4 (Nature / 1466 Kb) - Beautiful Winter Scene Art now in an animated screen saver. Full screen 800X600 animated winter scene with slowly falling snow flakes in a quiet setting. Last of four different Art canvas paintings to choose from each with sound. (enabledisable)Free for Windows 95-XP.
Animated Winter Scene (Nature / 437 Kb) - Full screen 800X600 animated winter scene with slowly falling snow flakes in a quiet setting. It is best to run this at night in a warm setting such as by the fireplace. This is a very relaxing, cozy up to your loved one, screem saver wsound. Free for Windows 95-XP
Navajo Winter (Miscellaneous / 1464 Kb) - Falling snow,animated bunny,flickering flames,a soaring eagle and watch as the deer runs from behind the cabin.Native American music that can be muted.Matching theme available.
Winter White (Nature / 1239 Kb) - Sheps Place Lake applet and snow effects. Watch the water move on the screen and snow gently falling as it cycles through 6 different Winter scenes. The optional music is Almost A Whisper. shareware
Winter River (Nature / 784 Kb) - Early morning in a winterlandscape. The river is colored in gold. There is also a matching desktoptheme available.
Winter Scenes (Art / 1978 Kb) - 13 wonderful paintings showing how beautfiul winter really is. Music by Dean Martin, Let It Snow. Enjoy Jeanie
Winters Beauty (Art / 1576 Kb) - 11 beautful paintings by artist Fred Swan of the beauty of winter in some small towns. Music by Elvis, Winter Wonderland. Enjoy Jeanie
A Country Winter (Art / 513 Kb) - A quite country house set in a snowfall with a rippling stream. Artwork of Carl Valcente.
Kinkades Winter (Art / 1414 Kb) - 12 beautiful paintings by artist Thomas Kinkade of winter cottages, lakes and a few Christmas carolers and a couple out for a sleigh ride. Music by Elvis Winter Wonderland. The matching theme is named Moon Light Sleigh Ride. Enjoy Jeanie
Winter Homes (Holidays / 1654 Kb) - 10 wonderful paintings by Nickey Boehme and Randy Sounders of homes all ready for the winter season and Christmas. Music by Elvis, Winter Wonderland. Matching Theme is named Bring Happiness And Joy. Enjoy Jeanie
7art Winter Forest ScreenSaver (Nature / 2226 Kb) - Always thought Siberia is a nasty, cold place Broaden your horizons and experience the supernatural beauty of the Taiga. The scenery is peaceful and relaxing. Want to know what the real winter is like Check this one out. The supernatural beauty of the forest in snow will blow your mind. There are 16 high quality true color images. You can also choose from 27 transition effects that appear between the images.
A Country Winter 2 (Holidays / 853 Kb) - A country house by a rushing stream. Makes you think of times past! Artwork by Carl Valcente. Saver has Snow, Water and Music. Elvis sings Here Comes Santa. Happy Holidays!
Ice Cold Winter (Nature / 496 Kb) - A snowy winter wonderland. While a lone elk stands and drinks from a stream. Saver features snow and water effects with nature sounds.
Winter Snow (Nature / 554 Kb) - Natures beauty on cold and snowy winter day. Saver has snow effects.
Deep Winter (Nature / 759 Kb) - Animated screensaver with realistic Snow and sound
Winter Blue (Nature / 800 Kb) - Animated winter screensaver with sound
Winters Calm (Animals / 840 Kb) - Animated Screensaver file
Winter Cascade (Holidays / 982 Kb) - A moonlite winter night by an icy stream. Saver has Snow and Water effects and plays It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. Happy Holidays!
Winter Lake (Nature / 498 Kb) - A beautiful winter lake surrounded by craggy, snow-covered mountains. Snow falls and lake ripples to the sound of water which plays continually in the background.
Winter Thaw SS (Fantasy / 659 Kb) - A pretty winter scene, wallpaper available.
Winter Sleigh Ride (Holidays / 992 Kb) - A wonderful night to take a sleigh ride. With the snow softly falling and a beautiful full moon to enjoy while you travel along. Saver has Snow and plays Let It Snow.
Enchanted Winter World (Fantasy / 946 Kb) - Two beautiful unicorns in a winterlandscape. Lots of snow is falling on your screen and flying birds. Original background by Yvonne. There are a matching desktoptheme, wallpaper, active wallpaper and IE toolbar available.
Carols Winter Cottage (Holidays / 893 Kb) - A cute little winter cottage with its windows all aglow and a pretty christmas wreath on the door. What a nice place to spend Christmas. Saver has Snow and plays Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees by Elvis. Merry Christmas!
Winter Magic (Nature / 903 Kb) - A quiet winter night at home with a soft snow falling along a quiet stream. Saver has snow and water effects and plays Do You Hear What I Hear Medley by Celine Dion and Mahiah Carey.




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