Make a Starboy Hat

Start with a piece of heavy paper or posterboard at least 22 inches by 28 inches.

Measure 20 inches from one corner down and across, making marks as you go, to form an arc.

Roll your piece of posterboard into a cone shape.

The square corner of the piece will form the point of the hat.

Fasten with tape, glue or staples (make sure the hat fits, first!) If you like, you can add an elastic cord to go under your chin.

Attach three gold foil or paper stars to your hat.


Star wand for Lucia Celebration

Make a star wand to carry by taping a gold foil or paper star to a stick, pencil or wooden dowel.


Now you're ready to accompany Lucia as she brings coffee, pepparkakor and Lussekatter to the family! You can find a pattern for the robe in the book, "Lucia Morning in Sweden."



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